WFCA Handbook

The WFCA Handbook contains bylaws, history, category rules, ballots, scholarship information, coaching awards, student congress guides, and tournament documents.

The 2017-18 Handbook will be published in October 2017 to incorporate changes made at the Fall Meeting on September 16.

WFCA Handbook 2016-17.pdf

WFCA Category Rules 2016-17.pdf

  • The Category Rules document has the same rule sheets that are found in the main handbook. They have been copied into this separate document to make it easy to share the rules with students and judges.

WFCA Judges' Handbook.pdf

The 2017-18 handbook will be updated from last year's edition to include these changes:

Moments in History – This season has two time periods; each student has the choice of 1801-1840
and / or 1930-1939.

Special Occasion Speaking –
This season's occasions are:

A. A resignation speech
B. A hall of fame induction speech
C. A pep talk from a coach
D. A tribute to the life of an ancestor

Storytelling –
This season's topics are:

A. A story about outer space
B. A story from an indigenous culture
C. A story about something that is lost and/or found
D. A nautical story

Impromptu Speaking
is now a standard category. Previously, it was available at some invitationals and was used as a consolation event at the State Tournament. The time limit is 5 minutes (previously an editing error mentioned 6 minutes).

Other changes were approved at May 2017 Spring Meeting and September 2017 Fall Meeting, and they are currently being edited to be listed here and in the new handbook.