WFCA Membership

School Membership

All forensic coaches of any Wisconsin or surrounding state high school shall be eligible for membership. Upon payment of the annual dues, all the forensic coaches of the school receive membership standing. Each school will be allowed one vote in the legislative body. 

Individual Membership

Professional Membership: Upon payment of annual dues, any person at least 18 years old and not enrolled in a K-12 program may become an professional member. A professional member may serve in an executive board position if the member was a coach in a WFCA member school when he/she was elected. An affiliate member has a voice but may not vote in the legislative body.
Affiliate Membership: If no forensic team exists at a student’s school, s/he may apply for an affiliate membership. An affiliate member will be eligible to participate at the WFCA State Tournament as an independent participant.


Annual membership dues are $75 for school membership and $10 for individual. Dues must be received by the fall meeting for tournament host schools who wish to be placed on the calendar.
Prior to the 2014-15 school year, late fees were imposed after December 1. The late fees were eliminated in a vote at the 2014 Fall Meeting. However, timely membership submission is encouraged so that communications can be directed to the right people.

Communications and Email List

The WFCA communicates updates through this website, Facebook, Twitter, and WFCA membership email announcements.
To subscribe to the email announcements, send a message to:
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Membership Form

The membership form can be downloaded as a PDF file. By using Adobe Reader or Mac Preview, the form can be filled out on your computer before printing.
Note that there is a new treasurer this year and a new submission address on the form.